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Leadership Coaching

Whether you are a first time CEO or an experienced executive looking to improve your skills, every leader can benefit from a competent leadership advisor and coach.   Coaching engagements are based on the unique needs of each client and the approach is grounded in deep operating experience and evidence based leadership research.

Senior executives of this Washington State credit union were looking to develop the skills of their leadership team and were seeking an experienced faciliator to help run their annual board retreat. 

Co-founders of this web services startup wanted to build their leadership skills and gain access to a network of advisors and service providers after a successful Venture investment.  

Executives of this northwest medical services company needed an experienced perspective to evaluate leadership and planning choices as they faced exponential growth.

“When we want to provide our executives with a leadership coach, or need an outside expert to facilitate a board meeting, we can rely on Ken.  He brings a unique mix of skills - deep executive experience, extensive leadership knowledge as a University lecturer, and a working style that models the behaviors he encourages us to build in our leaders.  He has been a strategic partner and asset to our executive team.”

Tom Berquist
Executive Vice President

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