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Interim Leadership

At some point every business experiences planned or unplanned leadership gaps.  During these periods important projects can go off track or key customer relationships can be jeopardized.  When a business is without a leader, employees can become distracted, may question their professional future, and may even start job shopping.

Experienced interim executives step into leadership gaps to provide a business with the time to find the right next leader.  They keep projects and relationships on track, help the team stay excited and motivated about the fututre, and assist in identifying, recruiting and transitioning to the next full time executive.  Because Interim leaders bring an outside, non-political perspective, they can often quickly address sensitive or unresolved issues while providing executive leadership or the board with a fresh view of strategy, organization, processes, or the team.

With the departure of the founding CEO,  the board of this five year old venture backed B2C software company didn't have time to wait for a new CEO to come on board to begin a B2B pivot. They needed immediate strategic and operational leadership .

The investors of this early stage venture backed robotics company needed experienced leadership after the sudden departure of the founding CEO.  Given the remaining cash runway, time was of the essence for the team to create a product roadmap, build a demonstratable prototype, and generate clear interest from potential pilot customers. 

The european parent company of  this industrial carpet cleaning equipment manufacturer needed an interim General Manage who could focus the organization, turn around deteriorating profitability, and help them vet potential permanant GM candidates.

I’ve been impressed watching Ken navigate a pressure-cooker environment that required him to calm employees, stabilize key partners, and manage through a perilous financial period while at the same time providing the board with detailed, accurate information about the state of the business and a clear roadmap for immediate next steps.”

Geoff Harris
Flying Fish Ventures

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