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Transforming Leaders and Organizations


Helping new and experienced leaders shape their leadership philosophy and build practical skills to align, motivate, and develop teams.  A sounding board and advisor during challenging times.

Interim Leadership

Stepping into executive leadership gaps in an interim capacity to provide the business with the time to find the right next leader.  Projects and relationships stay on track, teams stay excited and motivated, and owners/investors are assisted with identifying, recruiting, and transitioning to the next full time executive.


“Ken can walk into virtually any business situation, size up what needs to be done, and then lead the team to turnaround, pivot, or scale the business in the right direction.  He's a terrific resource when a sudden gap in leadership is presented or an immediate change in leadership is needed.”

Bill McAleer, Managing Director

Voyager Capital



For more than 25 years Ken has helped launch, lead, turnaround, and advise companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 100. 

Ken has been recognized as one of Seattle’s most influential business leaders, and has twice been recognized for leading a “best company to work for.”  

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